Use Go Induct to ensure your contractors know the vitally important safety and risk information prior to coming to your site

Go Induct is a web based online induction system, providing a cost effective solution for the delivery of essential training to employees and contractors

For organisations managing their contractors using the Cm3 Online Contractor WHS Prequalification System, the process for contractor induction is simple and automated.

Once a contractor’s organisation receives Cm3 prequalification, the system will automatically send an email requesting the completion of your inductions that is tailored with your organisation’s logo, colours, and any other branding. Employees / Contractors can then complete the General Induction and search for additional Site-Specific Induction Courses.

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Go Induct - Online Contractor Induction & Training Solution
Go Induct Online Induction & Training Solution

Training & Induction Solutions with Go Induct

Send Automatic Invitations

Invite contractors to complete induction training via email and track their progress

Check Induction Currency

Review currency of completed inductions both online and via mobile devices

Customise Induction Content

Customise induction content and have multiple site specific inductions hosted online

Conduct Assessments

Include online assessments to test the knowledge of your workers

View Completion Data

Integrate induction completion data with your registered Cm3 sites

Australian-Based Support

Phone, email and LiveChat with customer support from the Australian based team

Speak to a Product Expert about inducting your contractors online with Go Induct

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