Cm3 Develops Leading Online Risk Management Solutions

Since 2008, Cm3 has been leading the way in producing online contractor management, prequalification, and compliance solutions. At the heart of Cm3’s capabilities is a team that cares deeply about workplace safety, and have a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in the planning, development and implementation of solutions across all key industries.

The Cm3 team consists of dedicated and highly experienced health and safety experts, developers, product managers, designers, and support specialists with a shared vision of ‘Making Our World Safer’.

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Cm3 is Proudly part of Blackwoods and Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety

Proudly part of Blackwoods and Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety

The Industrial & Safety division of Wesfarmers invests in digital systems, supply chain improvements and adjacent market opportunities for the growth and continued success of its businesses.

Under its focussed leadership, Cm3 is well-positioned for investment in continuous improvement and the delivery of successful, industry-leading solutions for clients and contractors.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Cm3’s operations are proudly underpinned by 8 pillars of sustainability.

Safety & Wellbeing
Diversity & Inclusion
People Development
Ethical Sourcing
Service Quality
Community Contributions
Climate Change Resilience
Waste & Packaging


Contribute to the Future of Cm3

More than a place to work – Cm3 is a place to grow, a place to be challenged, and an environment for you to make an impact on workplace safety across Australia and New Zealand.

Bring your unique talents and experience to Cm3 and help deliver meaningful results to clients and the community at large.

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